Bogatsky Poems

I’m still gathering mental notes on this recent set of paintings, but it’s becoming clear to me that they spring from thinking that arose after the anatomy and microbiology classes I took in 2014-2016. I had decided to slip back into college and take all the medical prerequisites that I’d avoided back when I got my BFA.

I was struck in each class by the balance of order and randomness, design and accident in the way life is assembled. And the work on cadavers made a strong impression as well. Two years later, it seems to be filtering through the work. More thoughts on this to come!

These are large works, 6ft by 4ft. Also shown are some details to communicate the texture of the work.

(top set)
Bogatsky poems
Conté and acrylic on bebe bus shelter ads
72″ x 48″

(bottom set)
Badly remembered anatomy
Conté and acrylic on board
12″ x 12″

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